At SenpaiCon Winter 2019 –  Saturday 19 January – 3pm start

Everybody loves Jenga, and SenpaiCon is no exception. Perhaps the ultimate party game, Jenga has been part of SenpaiCon since our very first event. This time, we’re running a Jenga Tournament! Test your block-stacking skills in intense 1v1 Jenga battles, and who knows, maybe you will be crowned the SenpaiCon Jenga Champion!

No need to register for the Jenga Tournament, just show up by 3pm and join the fun!

Tournament Rules:

  • 1v1 games.
  • Single elimination.
  • Players may only use one hand at a time.
  • Players have 60 seconds to complete their turn.
  • If no block has been placed on top of the tower within these 60 seconds you automatically lose the game.
  • Players may tap or begin to move as many blocks as they like within their 60 second turn.
  • However, if a block is abandoned, it must be moved back into its original position before attempting to move another one.
  • Players who tap or pull blocks in a deliberate attempt to destabilise the tower (rather than to find a block that can be moved) will be given a warning. If this happens again, the player will lose the game.
  • Turns end 10 seconds after you stack your block OR when the next player touches a block (if the tower falls in the 10 seconds before your turn ends you lose the game).
  • When stacking blocks, a full layer must be completed before starting a new one.
  • Each new layer of blocks should be at a right angle to the one below. Players must leave enough space for three blocks side by side on each layer. Sloppily stacked blocks will result in a warning. If the block isn’t moved into a correct position after a warning the player will lose the game.
  • Blocks from the top two completed layers may not be moved.

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