What is SenpaiCon?

SenpaiCon is a gathering of anime, gaming and cosplay enthusiasts, celebrating the social side of fandom. It’s an event where people can hang out, geek out, meet friends and make new ones.

At SenpaiCon you can expect lots of fun stuff like: Video games! Board Games! Karaoke! Anime songs, j-pop, k-pop and party anthems! Cosplay! Drinks! Anime merch! Gaming tournaments! Trading card games! Jenga! More drinks!

It’s all about hanging out and having a good time together. So while there are lots of activities and games to get involved in, if you’d rather just chill out that’s cool too.

So join the fun, have a drink, and weeb out to you heart’s content. And who knows, by the end of the night, maybe Senpai will have noticed you.

Be excellent to each other

We want SenpaiCon to be a welcoming and friendly place. This means that we do not tolerate harassment of any kind, whether verbal, physical or otherwise. If you have an issue with someone behaving inappropriately, please let a member of the SenpaiCon team know. We reserve the right to refuse entry or eject people who cause trouble.

Join us!

We always want to hear from people who are interested in contributing to SenpaiCon in some way. If you want to run a panel, a game or an activity, or perhaps display your art or merchandise, get in touch with us.

Also make sure that you join the SenpaiCon Facebook group for all the latest updates, and to receive automatic invitations to future events.